Sunday, April 4, 2010


I love living in Arizona! When we moved here 3 years ago I got sunshine and family and that has made all the difference in my life!

This is a photo of our home. The best part of this house is the pool in our backyard! It is so much fun and helps us to relax.

Guitar Recital

One of the greatest loves of my life is my music. I started playing guitar when I was 8 years old and have been teaching since I was 18. The blessings of my guitar and the joy I have had with it are numerous. I am so thankful for the music that is in me and for my guitars.

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Summer Photos

Meg and her family visited and we had a blast. We also went to Idaho and went rafting down the river. It was so good to see old friends.

Andrew got engaged to Blair Crawford and we love her! I went to a Whittier Stake Reunion and Kirk and I also visited Sedona for my birthday. It really has been a great summer.

Summer 2009

Haven't been on my blog for most of the year. Here are some updated photos of a great year. Kirk and I went to Aruba with our dearest friends Dave and Janice Brown. We went to my High School 30 year reunion, we both had updated photos for our business cards and the grand kids came to visit and we took this old fashioned picture of them

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Day with the Girls!

It is always so much fun when mom comes to town! We have decided that she really is a sister but in the preexistance volunteered to be the mother. We all went out to breakfast and solved the world's problems and then went to get pedicures!! Even my great neice,Mattie went with us. My sisters MADE ME get BLUE TOE NAILS! What is up with that? It was so ugly I took them off after a week. I don't care if I get called an old lady...I like my mauve colored nails.

My sisters Julene and Sandy, myself, our mother Marlene and Brittney my neice and her daughter all went. The rule is when you get married you get to come along to saturday morning breakfast sometimes and whatever we decide to do that day. Like shopping or maybe a little shopping or even some shopping or something along the lines of shopping he he he !!

It is great living near family!

Hillbilly Hootenany!

A fun night for all of us! We moved into a really fun ward. Mostly young people. Kirk and I were asked to dress up and play a part in a skit in which the Bishop and his wife needed to be remarried due to the fact that their weddin' license was really a license to hunt squirels!!! So I was the maid of honor and Kirk was the best man! (some of the pictures are fuzzy, sorry) Kirk was reluctant but of course his better side came out when you put a costune on him! He kept stealing the show! I would look over at him and think to myself..."Dang!! he just beat me to the punch line again!!" apparently we were a big hit. Being new in this ward made it even funner to show them the silly side of us! he he he he he

They asked me to pull out my guitar and sing a few tunes so I pulled out a few helpers. The song "Mama don't 'llow" made the audience clap along with the kazoo and spoons added! I don't believe Kirk and I broke character once all night!! YEEEE HAAAW!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Christmas in Arizona

Again my sisters and I goofing off! (In our Christmas Pj's! he he he)

And the boy cousins doing the same

Christmas in Arizona was so much fun! My parents and Uncle Bill and Matt came from California. It has been many years since I had Christmas with my family. We had great food, sang lots of songs, played games, opened PJ's for everyone, laughed, prayed and just goofed off all night. Family is the best!

Mom and Dad and us three girls.
(Still in our PJ's)